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On the 28th of August 2017, the following topics were presented at “Země Živitelka” exhibition in České Budějovice: Monitoring of economic results of organic farming in the CR, Use of FADN database for evaluation of CAP and for farm management on the national level, International comparison of economic results of farms in the FADN.

22. 5. - 24. 5. 2017, FADN CZ representatives participated at 19th session of the OECD Network for Farm-Level Analysis and the first meeting of the OECD Network on Agricultural Total Factor Productivity and the Environment. Vladimír Kostlivý introduced the economic results of organic farming in the Czech Republic compared to conventional agriculture. 
Presentation is available to download in „Analyses of the Liaison Agency“ folder.

The 200th meeting of the Community Committee for the FADN was held in Brussels on 11th May 2017.    

Training of data collectors for data collection for accounting year 2016 was held on 15th and 16th February 2017.  

Preparation of methodology and organization of FADN 2016 survey is in progress.



Summary report on the function and outputs within the FADN CZ in 2016 was submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture in December. Report was accepted.

FADN CZ data for accounting year 2015 was sent to European Commission on 29th November 2016 in term.



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