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In newspapers “Zemědělec” (16/2018), an example of using the FADN database in the farm's own financial analysis is given. Article of authors doc. Ing. Jindřich Špička Ph.D., Ing. Jana Macháčková and Ing. Zuzana Hloušková was published on April 16, 2018.

The TAIEX International Workshop in Belgrade (Serbia), held with the support of the EU on 19th and 20th of February 2018, was attended by a representative of the FADN CZ Liaison Agency as one of the professional guarantors. The topic of the workshop was focused on the use of FADN results, data collection systems in EU member states and promotion of FADN.

Training of data collectors for data collection for accounting year 2017 was held on 21st and 22nd February 2018.



Summary report on the function and outputs within the FADN CZ in 2017 was submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture in December. Report was accepted. Thematic task report focused on the economics of organic farming was completed.

The publication "Sample Survey of Economic Results of Agricultural Holdings within FADN CZ for the Accounting Year 2016" was issued in December 2017.

On the 27th - 18th of November 2017, FADN CZ representatives participated in the 20th meeting of the OECD Network for Farm-Level Analysis. FADN CZ Liaison Agency is involved in an international project “Drivers of farm performance”, which was the main issue at the meeting. It is expected that panel data from FADN CZ survey will be used.


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